Few weeks ago I stumbled upon a manga title that I already readed, The World God Only Knows (TWGOK). So, I took initiative to re-watch the anime. The series is about a boy who uses love to cast out runaway spirit that hide on gir’s gap of heart, and catch it.

This is Keima, MC (Main Character) of the series
This is Keima Katsuragi, MC (Main Character) of this series

It turns out the ending left gap on my heart… (it’s a bit different with the manga, and better)

My mind was starving and re-watched the anime again and re-read the manga. I was insatiable. My heart felt empty yet serene, and I questioned what’s the importance of love anyway.

Even my nickname on students committee jacket is influenced
Even my nickname on students committee jacket is influenced


This week, I recount that I haven’t attended islamic talk, because the regular event got halted since this weeks is The Birthday of Our Propeth Muhammad. So, today I attended a talk nearby.

The point is, if a heart is not filled with quran, then it would be filled with demon. I see an intersection between the series and the reality. As I recount, I also haven’t recite quran and study islam enough recently.

Well then, I found the method to close gap on my heart, by filling it with quran.

I wonder if this method works in the series :))


If you are interested, you can see the creator’s blog (it’s japaneese)

Enable Upload Large File on PHP + Nginx

  1. Open file php.ini (should be located at /etc/php5/fpm/php.ini if you are using PHP-FPM. Otherwise, just find it using: sudo updatedb && locate php.ini)
  2. Edit these 3 variables:
    1. upload_max_filesize => 2M to (whatever you want. I tend use 128M)
    2. post_max_size => 2M to (same as above. just note if you expect to upload multiple files, set this variable higher than above)
    3. max_input_time => 60 to (your client’s expected maximum upload time. should be max file size divided by minimum client’s upload speed)
  3. Open your nginx configuration, add this parameters:
    1. client_max_body_size xxM; (same as post_max_size)
    2. fastcgi_read_timeout xxM; (same as max_input_time)
  4. Restart PHP-FPM and nginx: sudo service php5-fpm restart && sudo service nginx restart
  5. That’s all folks!